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Usergroups are groups that you can join to show your love for something. Some usergroups are used by us (Keiichi Anime Forever) to keep track of lists of people. Usergroups that have open membership are ones that you can join and leave at your leisure. You are members of bolded groups.

> Usergroups
Group name Category Members Membership type
+Coordinators - Part One KAF Scanlation 1 Closed
+Coordinators - Part Two KAF Scanlation 3 Closed
Adult Swim KAF Administrative 29 Requires approval
AMV Creators Interests 63 Open
Anime Night Staff KAF Administrative 8 Closed
Artists Interests 167 Open
Artists KAF Scanlation 7 Open
Bleach Fanclub Fanclubs 9 Open
Colorists KAF Scanlation 6 Open
Crazy Club 35 Open
Death Note Fanlistings 0 Open
Debate Club Interests 42 Open
Donators KAF Scanlation 1 Closed
Dragonball Fanlistings 0 Open
Editors / Raw Cleaners KAF Scanlation 14 Open
Evangelion Fanclubs 98 Open
Fanfiction Writers Interests 116 Open
Gurren Lagann Interests 0 Open
Jayu Makusho Fanclub Interests 36 Open
KAF Chat Moderators KAF Administrative 8 Closed
KAF Minoriteam 5 Requires approval
KAF Radio Broadcasters KAF Administrative 8 Closed
KAFMAG Staff KAF Administrative 2 Closed
Keroro Gunso Fanlistings 0 Open
Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture Fanlistings 0 Open
Naruto Fanclub Fanclubs 20 Open
One Piece Fanclub Fanclubs 10 Open
Peacemaker Kurogane Fanlistings 1 Open
Proud Hentai (Pervert) Interests 192 Open
Quality Checkers KAF Scanlation 9 Open
Raisurinu Fanclub Interests 18 Open
Random Gang 20 Open
Random Ramblings Fan Interests 42 Open
Rasengandragon Fanclub Interests 46 Open
Rask (RaXSK) Interests 24 Open
Raw Providers KAF Scanlation 4 Open
Razben Society 3 Requires approval
SheepyTym (Sheepy x NeoTym) Interests 6 Open
SK Fanclub Interests 80 Open
Soul Eater Fanclub Fanclubs 11 Open
Supporters KAF Scanlation 10 Open
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Fanlistings 1 Open
Testing 1 Closed
The Baking Chefs of KAF Interests 33 Open
The KAF Roleplayers Guild Roleplaying 89 Closed
The Study Members 16 Closed
Translators KAF Scanlation 14 Open
Typesettors KAF Scanlation 8 Open
Wings of Enchantment Roleplaying 19 Closed
Writers Interests 140 Open

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