1. Reply by: Areikoto Tokoshime

2016-11-10, 08:40 PM

If anyone wanted to see some of my art, I have an art Tumblr/blog thing. So yeah.

Art Blog Thing

I have some of my art on there, a lot of my more recent stuff. I'm mainly posting this here for those who remember me from years gone by. Pretty much, my art has gotten a lot better since I joined this forum. It is actually quite comical to look at my art from around and then compare it to now. Although, similar can be said for my mannerisms and also the manner in which I speak/type. Then again, I was like 12 or 13. But I digress, I'll leave a couple drawings here so y'all can see what type of thing will be on my Tumblr.

Slight blood warning. This is a drawing I did of Antisepticeye, if anyone else is a fan of Jack. Fully traditional, marker and color pencils to color.
user posted image

An uncolored traditional drawing.
user posted image

Fully digital drawing
user posted image

2. Reply by: Yellow

2016-12-13, 09:29 PM

I don't remember you but keep it up! I took a look at your page and it's not too bad.

3. Reply by: Areikoto Tokoshime

2017-01-04, 08:53 PM

Ah, thank you. I have kind of moved from the art blog to my main blog though xD

4. Reply by: Areikoto Tokoshime

2017-02-20, 04:16 PM

Um, I wanted to say a couple things. One is that I switched to just fully using my main blog as my art blog. I also started taking commissions on there. So yeah. But I have some new art to share as well. These are also really big drawings/pictures.

You're filled with Kindness.
user posted image

30 Minutes (Based off the same titled song by Tatu)
user posted image

Sky watching
user posted image

Edit: Also, wanted to include a link to my main blog. MockingjaySinger