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2009-01-07, 09:29 PM

"I'm finally here." Doran eyed the docking bay with a sense of wonder as he stepped out of the bi-plane. When he first set out for outlaw Isle, he thought everyone was lying about it being an island floating in the sky. He had stared at it in awe from the ground, unable to believe it.

"It's amazing isn't it?" The pilot stepped out of the cockpit and smirked

"It's pretty impressive. Thanks for the ride up here." He extened his hand to the pilot who shook it graciously. He had no idea how to get to Outlaw Isle until this old man offered him a ride. He had debated getting into an plane with a stranger, but it was either that or levitate.

"Don't mention it, it is my job after all. So, what will you do now young man?"

"I don't really know. I just wanted to live in a place without being persecuted." He shrugged his shoulders. "I guess I'll just check it out for a while." The old man wished him luck and the two parted ways. He headed for the elevators at the other end of the hangar. He noticed vehicles he had never seen before, like something from a dream. He saw people of all shapes and sizes. He got some looks as people saw that he was new.

He stepped inside the elevator and took a deep breath. He snapped open locket and looked at the picture inside "Don't forget me Pricilla." He pushed the button to the surface "Well, going up."

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"Oi, hope you don't mind one more passenger."

Slightly muffled came the voice of a young man, and sticking through the elevator doors just as they were sliding shut was the voice's owner's gloved hand, prompting the doors to slide open once again so he might board. In full, he looked like a cowboy of sorts, not exactly contemporary, but a cowboy in these parts wasn't exactly contemporary to begin with. Most of his upper body was concealed by a tattered brown poncho, but if the black pants and boots weren't enough, the wide-rimmed hat (blue, matching his gloves) complete with pitch-black "eyes" stitched into the hat's front along with a circling row of bullets making "teeth" underneath might have clarified things further.

Stepping inside, the figure nodded to his newly-met colleague, standing alongside him while folding his arms across his chest. With the lower half of his face obscured by the poncho and the large hat overshadowing his eyes, it was quite difficult to discern what he looked like, such analysis even more difficult upon realizing that a clump of brown hair laid matted over his left eye. The only other eye was wide open with small irises and pupils, yet the shape was cat-like, as were his pointy ears that perked up and twitched just underneath his hat's brim. Small in frame, as seen by his pale, scrawny arms and child-like shortness, it wouldn't be unprecedented should someone mistake him for a young adolescent, though that just went to show you that one shouldn't always judge a book by its cover.

Looking from the corner of his eye, he tried to start a conversation, inquiring, "Never seen you down here. You work at the Docks? Or are you just a new face?"

A small green light flickered beneath the brown hair covering his left eye, after which he noted matter-of-factly while tilting his head, "With telekinetic energy like that, though, I'm assuming you're no average Joe."

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"Yeah, I just arrived here." He eyed the cowboy up and down. He was a little surprised when he saw the saw a green glow beneath the man's hair. Even more surprising was that this stranger picked him out as psychic. The glow had to have been a side effect of an extra senory ability. Doran knew that there were other psychics in the world, but it was odd to run into one so quickly here.

The cowboy himself was a sight. The cat like eyes are what interested him the most. He had dark gray eyes and was picked on by other kids. The adults saw him as some sort of oddity as well, not letting their children play with him. That was one reason why he was glad to be out of that city. He doubted that anyone would try to pick on this cowboy or the rest of the people he saw below

"I heard that this place was for the dregs of society." He let out a chuckle "But who wants to be accepted by society anyway? Your senses are very keen to pick me out mister. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

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"I won't deny it, I've got that 'animal instincts' thing going on," the man began, gesturing to his feline ears as they pricked up as if in response. "But even I can't pinpoint energies. Detect, sure, to a slight degree, but I'm only able to tell you're a psychic with this."

Tilting up his hat with his thumb then pulling the hair away to the side, the cat-like individual revealed what appeared to be a metallic black eyepatch minus the strap, as if it were directly integrated into his face. Along the middle was an interlocking crevace, much like canine teeth, that of which separated slightly to reveal a camera-like lens beneath. It flickered on, the same green gleam from before emitting from the robotic eye, zooming in and out behind the clear lens like it was trying to focus.

Just as quickly as the small mechanism opened did it close, then covered up by the hair once more and lastly overshadowed by the man's wide hat. "Prosthetics are fairly common amongst us 'dregs of society', though I assure you, some people just come here to escape the oppression bestowed upon them from elsewhere. Still, be that as it may, I'd be lying if I told you that the bulk of Outlaw Isle's inhabitants weren't criminal scum."

Extending his hand to the stranger, he went on to finish, "That's where I come in. The name's Banzai, founder of the Keiichi Rogues and Chief of Outlaw Isle. I pretty much keep things from going to hell in a handbasket around here."

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"I'd make a banzai joke, but you look like you could rip my pancreas out. I'll just leave it at that." He gave a slight grin. He shook the Banzai's hand graciously. Five minutes on Outlaw Isle and he met the man in charge. Was it fate? He laughed inwardly at the thought of fate. No, it was just blind luck.

His eyes came to the number on the elevator. He pondered what Banzai told him. The bulk of Outlaw Isle were criminal scum. Banzai must have been tough to keep things together, to organize criminals. The setting kind of excited him.

Truthfully, Doran loved a good fight. It probably came from the fact he was beaten up in his old city. He had to learn to fight to protect himself, and while he hated the bigotry, the fighting itself was fun. His eyes began to glow from the excitement until he took a deep breath. He had to contain it for a little while at least.

The elevator beeped and the door opened revealing sunlight. "Hey Banzai, I heard that there were some good fighting around here. Is there any truth to that? And on an unrelated note, how does this island stay in the sky?" He stepped from the elevator and waited for a response.

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"Good fighting? Hm... You might say that. 'Course, I try to avoid the fighting personally. I'm the only guy with any organizational tact who's also willing to take the reigns on this paradise of vagabonds," Banzai replied with a chuckle, stepping out of the elevator and motioning Doran to follow. Before the two of them was Outlaw Isle's massive lake, directly in the middle being the Isle's island Park. Far off in the distance was Outlaw City, and close to it, on top of its forested mountain, was Castle Omission, Organization 13's base of operations. Close by was the Launchpad, a ship preparing to depart while still connected to its tower, and between it and the castle was the Stadium, abuzz with excitement while the white, artificial light shone upwards. Finally, opposite to the castle was the azure-colored dome, the Keiichi Rogues former training facility, but newly-appointed home to a new set of allies: the Rogue Dragons. Of course, below them were the Docks, and further in, well, let's just say everything wasn't given away upfront...

"As for the Isle's ability to float, I'd be tempted to say something like 'ancient Chinese secret', but I'm sure you wouldn't buy that. No, the island has at its heart a specially-crafted, and may I add, hella expensive, magnetic generator which harnesses the Earth's magnetic field to kind of give it a sense of anti-gravity, but not so much that we don't go floating off into the atmosphere. Know what I'm saying?" Banzai went on, pointing up to help with the explanation. "We're not bound by any authority when we're even on the Earth, so we just sorta make up our own. Still, that's not to say problems don't arise."

The same verdant light glimmered where his left eye would be once more, and a digital display was projected out in front of Banzai, showing the current date and time. "Tch, seven minutes late. Usually the buses are never this slow," the cowboy grumbled, stepping towards a sign with a rough depiction of a streamline-looking bus. "You coming along? Public transportation's not the best, but our teleporter is down until further notice."

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"Sure." Doran followed the Banzai to the bus stop. He took in the scenery. It was teeming with psychic energy, as it is in any city. There was a higher collection of greed and blood lust than most other places, but then it was called Outlaw Isle. What interested him the most the the castle on top of the mountain, Castle Omission. There was a weird psychic energy eminating from it. It was there, yet almost not. It gave him a delicious chill.

"I'm guessing the stadium is where all of the fighting goes down." He cast a glance in it's direction. As expected, there was excitement pulsating within it's wallls. It seemed barabric to take pleasure out of people beating the hell out of each other, but Doran didn't really care. Fighting was good for the adrenaline, there was no other thrill like it.

He looked at the dome. The Rouge Dragons, he'd probably cross their paths in the stadium. Their psychic energy seemed relatively low. He couldn't predict their true strength, as he could only measure psychic power. If they were allies of the Rouges, they must have been tough. "Pricilla would like this place. Once I get situated, I'll go back for her." he thought out loud.

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"Oho, got a lady friend back down on Earth, eh?" Banzai joked, playfully nudging his psychokinetic counterpart in the arm with his elbow. "Good to know there are some people on this island that aren't entirely alone, or at least someone who's not entirely stuck on themselves."

Ears twitching upwards, Banzai turned his head in the other direction just in time to see a hovering vehicle streaming over the waters, looking like a sort of train-like tube, though it lacked the tracks beneath to follow along. It propelled along with a jet engine, keeping an elevation of three feet above the water, and yet looked like nothing particularly flashy or awing. "This, my friend," Banzai started, just as the bus came to a prompt stop before them, allowing the water it'd been kicking up to slosh back to water level as a fine mist sprayed the two of them. "Is our ride. Hop on board."

The two men boarded, Banzai given clearance just by his appearance with no further fuss, though he had to explain to the driver that his new colleague was a special guest, and he was thus allowed on board. They walked towards the middle, and other than the driver (who was an android, yet thoroughly convincing in his human appearance), were completely alone.

"Stick with me 'til we get you completely registered. You're not like the standard refugees and immigrants, but even still by regular protocol you'd be experiencing the whole verification and identification process down below the surface. Consider yourself lucky that you ran into my on that elevator," Banzai told Doran with a smirk. "Oh, and to correct you from earlier, the Stadium's usually just fights for show. A fight-" Banzai started, pausing to jerk his thumb to the outside of the window where a couple of militaristic-looking thugs were having an intense gun battle... next to the picnic area of the park. "-can just about happen anywhere here."

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"So, this place is full of testosterone pumped idiots who will start a fight at any given moment just to prove to themselves and others that their junk is adequate size." Doran replied half joking. He watched as they fired back and forth, but to his surprise the people were watching intently. No one was afraid; this was fun to them.

Doran considered himself an intelligent person, but he wasn't arrogant. He certainly didn't consider himself above fighting because he enjoyed it. The people here were different from the street thugs who had driven him from his home. They just wanted to have a good time. Their good times just happened to run outside the law.

"I'm almost hoping someone will start something with me." He admitted to the sheriff. He continued to watch the gunfight as the bus started moving. He wondered about all of the registering he'd have to do to become a citizen. The most important question in his mind was where he would live. He'd worry about that when the time came.