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2008-12-23, 07:34 AM

((Roll with it Gotei membaaaaa's)).

They told me that I would regret stealing this rank - Sotaichou. I foresaw the dilemma and yet I chose to withstand. Why? Why did I speak with such ignorance to the fact that someday my head power would risk vitality.

We all knew this; each and every one of us. It was under our impression that there was no retirement plan to this job. The only way we would leave our ranks were in body bags, nestled in the arms of our loved ones.

Despite this noble act, there would come a time when the reciprocity of this world would take its payment; we were death for the people, and so they would be death for us in return.

The Psalm of Eternal Memories

Calendar Year 5567: 2nd Year of the 4 Year War

I was running, panting as I dodged past the clashing of sword fights. Waged around me, the sounds of steel clanging like loud symbals, continued to beat. I ducked under, nearly taking a blow to my neck. "That was close!!" I exclaimed.

To my left I could see the firey ruins of our patrol district. This was the 2nd Year of the Four Year War; a Rukongai Uprising that marked the beginning of my succession to the headship of Soul Society. "Lieutenant!" exclaimed a sentry to my right. "I can see the clearing up ahead."

"Stay close and prepare to scout the area." I said wiping the crusted blood from my forehead. I lifted my hand to my ear. "Rendezvous with us in the circlet part of the district. We can't hold off any more forces till we regroup. My squad's only got six of the fifteen men we dispatched with."

"Roger," said a voice from the communication device that was hooked to the side of my head.

"Sir, remind me again why this mission isn't fubar." said a second sentry to my left.

"It's not necessarily fubar because you signed up for the cause."

"What's the cause sir?"

"As redundant and hypocritical as it sounds, we're fighting to keep the peace."

Calendar Year 6747: Present Day - Chamber 46

"Our ability to continue this campaign is proposterous. The people are looking for another means of protection besides that of the passive agressive methods that WE, the footsoldiers and founders of Soul Society have fallen into."

I looked ahead, seeing an elderly and weary politician standing in front of our midst. I glared at my colleague who was in the front row taking notes. He looked back up, dazed and startled. He sat up, picked up his things and walked back to my row in this crowd of onlookers.

"You know Toushirou," said the tall, young man as he stooped his rear down onto the seat, "A simple come here would have sufficed."

"Listen to this guy ramble on. And we have to sit here and put up with it."

"It's called democracy Commander General. You said so yourself; the way to keep the peace is by letting the delegates from each individual Rukongai district have their say and equal power."

I turned my attention to the speaker.

"Takagi san," I said, "Which particular district is this man from?"

"The 62nd I believe. His name is Hitoshi Sugawara. From what I gather he's a real hit with the folks back home."

"I see."

Hitoshi, standing in the middle of the room, continued, "And it is from what I gather, that ever since that... that child," he paused, pointing in my direction, "took up his place in the 1st Divisional Office, there's been nothing but one war after another."

I narrowed my brow, clearing my throat as I began to rise up from my seat. "Mr Sugawara, are personal attacking comments really necessary?"

"It's all but a simple gesture that your maturity is lacking in that you do not know, and have not known, how to run an empire such as this one. Yamamoto Genryusai would...."

"Sotaichou Genryusai is dead. You and I both know that." I said raising my voice.

"He would not have liked to have it this way." Sugawara threw his hand forward, pointing at me.

"We're not the ones exiling people into non-existence. Genryusai could not have been more wrong. Regardless, dealing with the problems through the use of war is sometimes our only option. It's better tan trying to bury our sins in some god-forsaken realm. I gather you have a better method for calming an insurgency that nearly destroyed our Rukongai."

"On the contrary, it could have been dealt with less bloodshead." Sugawara stopped, turning to the audience as he took a breath. "It is with this knowledge that I say we seek a new seat holder for Sotaichou. This one apparently does not understand the political aspects."

The crowd gasped. I sat back down, dazed and confused. For a moment, a murmur had overcome the chamber.

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2009-01-01, 10:45 AM

Kisuke was dumbfounded by the belittling of his sotaichou.
He wore a normal fuku-taichou robe with the traditional sandals, his dreads let down giving him an dependable aura.

All around the building you could hear the gradually lifting sound of each persons whisper.
Kisuke turned to each side and spoke to his fellow shinigami, "What is this man saying to hitsu-dono? Surely he knows its because of sotaichou why we still remain intact. Pride and all!"
(To be continued...)

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2009-01-10, 11:36 AM

((Post In Context of Delegate Hitoshi Sugawara)):

"Order!" shouted a voice from over the crowd. A swift striking noise ensued as the hoard of delegates settled in their murmur.

It was quiet.

The man who stood in the middle of the circular room of leveled desks and chairs, unsheathed his weapon from his side. He turned in a semicircle, pointing it at each part of the room as his body swayed from left to right. He bowed his head, laying his weapon down on at the front of his pulpit as he nodded. "I leave this to your discretion. Either we lay down our arms and find new leadership, or we suffer at the hands of ruin under the watch of this foolish boy."

"Who will take over this position then, not you I'm sure!!" shouted a voice from the crowd.

"We will find someone; someone from our district who has a following growing faster than anyone could possibly imagine."

4. Reply by: Ming-Mei

2009-01-11, 02:33 PM

"This is all a bunch of non-sense, instead of arguing we should be planning and getting ready, we could be attacked at any time. We should deside who take's the position later, for now we leave it under Toushirou's command, until further notice". From behind the crowd, leaning against one of the building wall's stood Ming-Mei, her long brown hair went down to her back, braiding and combed well neatly, she did not wear the robes of an ordinary shinigami, she held her zanpaktou close to her side as her sharp eyes stared at the crowd as some gazed back to look at her.

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2009-01-12, 10:58 AM

Kev stood against the corner, keeping to himself as he didn't whisper a mere word as he listened and took in all the voices running across the room. He gave a small chuckle, following a crooked smile as he peeked his head up. "If we argue among each other, it will only cause trouble, and it will be a waste of our time" he said as he leaned upwards walking slightly closer towards the company.

"This "foolish" boy has made various quick decisions, some have saved us from critical times, which even surprised me." he continued to say as he had his arms crossed, his fist firmly closed together. "I'm sure whatever he has chosen for us, was the right decision. Even in his eyes." he said not referring to the former Sotaichou. He then lifted his arms and began to speak.

"Think about it? Who else would be able to do any of this, support us the way Hitsugaya has. Surely none of us lower squads, who have been following his orders all this time. This is not a time to get rash, and make choices that are not smart nor wise for the Gotei right now. You all know that as well as I do." he turned around as he glanced at his comrades and he gave a quick glance towards them. "Now, my decision, is to stay with Hitsugaya. There is nothing else to it." he finally added as he leaned back against the wall, arms folded once more.

He finally gave one glance at Hitsugaya, as he did not move his mouth anymore. "This is what I can do for you my friend," he began to say to himself, managing to keep his lips clothes and his words strongly to his own thoughts. "After everything you've done for me, I see your potential, and how much you've done for us. I will stand next to you, as a sign of my gratitude. " Closing his eyes, he had finished inputting his personal thoughts on the matter, remaining silent once more.

6. Reply by: Hitsugaya Toushirou

2009-01-12, 01:23 PM

"Sugawara-sama, it is to my understanding," said Toushirou as he stared down his opponent, "that the only thing we've yet to agree on, is the fact that our hair color matches in hue. I understand concerns leading to this particular conclusion you have reached, however at this time, I would deem this sort of proposal, highly inappropriate. We're just recovering from a war for the Rukongai District and for that, I recommend we hold off on . . ."

"Now would be the perfect time to enable someone new to take over. The matter of dethroning ... I'm sorry," he said, pausing sarcastically, "switching leaders is a question that I and our Divisional Sector in the Rukongai have been delegating at some point in time. We're not necessarily looking for anything more than change. Regardless, this has nothing to do with my previous opinions of you."

"It would be polite if you would let me speak without interrupting me." said Toushirou in reply.

"The matter is closed for the time being. But all of you will know in time the extent of this ordeal. You will find that in time, the people will eventually decide the fate of whatever office holders you may have now. This session is adjourned."

The elderly man stepped down from his podium and the swarms of delegates began to disperse. Toushirou, laying his head down for a moment, drew in a deep breath. Shortly there-after, he stood up, approaching Tsuyoshima.

"I dare say that your comments are appreciated, but for now we'll disregard whatever that man . . . Sugawara . . . has to say about any of this at all. He's a little bit on the traditional side of the turnpike. He's over spoken himself a little too much if I say so."

7. Reply by: Ming-Mei

2009-01-14, 01:27 PM

Ming-Mei made her way towards Hitsugaya, her eyes as cold as ever. Her long brown hair swirled around her face, within seconds she appeared by Toushirou's side. "What do you plan to do now? If this all continues eventually their could be chaos or even worse..." Ming-Mei moved her eyes to the side to meet Toushirou's gaze.

8. Reply by: Hitsugaya Toushirou

2009-01-15, 03:06 PM

"I don't know," said the Taichou firmly as he raised up his arm, letting his sleeve slide down it. Revealed were bandages that hid the gashes from his "War-Record." One could see the ends of each stripe that were slide deeply and neatly into his skin. They were a jet color. Toushirou, embarrassed, dropped his hand back down, allowing the sleeve to do the same.

"It's festival month," he said. "And we're still at war. We've managed to keep the main districts from being overrun by the Rukongai War Lords. Now I'm having trouble keeping up with everything that's happening. It seems like everytime we turn around, there's more trouble brewing."

9. Reply by: Ming-Mei

2009-01-25, 11:45 AM

" I must agree with you, even though there have not been any attacks there are still the chances and we need to think of a plan. I could scout the area if you wish incase of any ideas that the enemy may have. since it is festival month we do not want to alarm any of the people of the issue, or would you want that?". Ming Mei turned to look at Toushirou again before noticing his battle wounds on his arm, starting at them for a few moment before they were hidden by his sleeve. "I am also working on a new project, Captain. a weapon that might be considered useful but yet it will take some time to complete but then again it could end up like all my other failed experiments. it is suspose to be but a simple little devise which Camouflages it's user completely as well as hiding their spiritual pressure as well. Would that not be useful? if not tell me now so I can stop and work onto my next device". Ming Mei stared as people walked passed them, children running around giggling with joy and playing with small fire crackers. "what is going to be our next move, Toushirou? We do not have anyone left, we need to recruit as fast as we can."

10. Reply by: Hitsugaya Toushirou

2009-01-26, 08:45 AM

For a second, Toushirou was lost in thought as his subordinate's words trailed through his mind. He nodded impulsively, blinking often as his eyes darted to the left.

He scratched his rough chin as a few delegates passed him, greeting the Taichou as they walked past. "Sir, take a look at these papers when you're ready."

"Sir take a long look at the documents that I've got for you on your desk. We have to go over central plans for the new sectors of the Rukongai's renovation."

Ming's words sank into them, and no matter what he did, he could not concentrate. He held his forehead out of pure disgust. "Eh, just a minute," he said as he now held a small stack of papers in his hands. "Ming, type it up and submit it to my box. I know it's a project we'd talked about before but . . ."

Suddenly from the window, a black moth fluttered in, beating its wings hastily, quickly approaching the conversing soldiers. "What's up?" Toushirou said as he lent out his hand, letting the tiny insect land on his finger. "Don't tell me Timmy's in the well again."

He rolled his eyes.

"Ming, hold off on that for now. We've a small disturbance in the 15th District. My son's patrolling that area and I need to attend to that as soon as possible. I'll have you accompany me."