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> Hello again!, My Re-introduction and catch up post
Posted: 2017-08-11, 04:24 PM

It's the Megadeus!!


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Hello everyone!! It's been far too long for such a great community.

So, as a reintroduction, I am Twinblades, or Twin, or TB for short. I've been around for a while, but we had our brief haitus. The things I've been up to since then:

Went to college twice. First for an Associates of Science, then an Associates in Simulation and Game Design. I finished neither degree as I got a job in the industry. I am a Senior Game Activity Team Member at Ubisoft Support NCSA. This means that I am the intermediary between business, development and support teams.

What does this mean? It means a very simple and straightforward rule: Please do not ask me about stuff at my job. Anything I can share, I share freely and love showing what our company can do. However, if there's something I cannot share, I will say so. Pushing will not work. I enjoy my job and Non-Disclosure Agreements are serious.
(I can share that I am the Game Support Lead for Far Cry 5. That game is FUN AF.)

Also, please don't mention that our games are terrible or that you want something from us. I have no ability to change that, and suggestions will get lost on me. If you have any issues with the games, I will help with what I can, but eventually, I'll turn you over to create a support ticket. Again, nothing I can do about that.

Enough of the super serious stuff! I've traveled internationally now, I have felt the touch of a woman ( wink.gif ) and I've broken out of my shell a bit. I'm now constantly in the Discord channel and love talking and chatting. I also stream a bit too. I haven't done it lately, but any time I go live, I'll poke into the discord to say that I'm going live. You can find me at

Finally a pic of me again. Me from 2009:
user posted image

Me 3 days ago:
user posted image

Good to see everyone again! biggrin.gif <3

They say...the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire...Once.-Tony Stark

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