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> Character Bios
Posted: 2016-07-04, 12:07 PM

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Heroes of Valhalla


Mark Blackblade

Alice Sakura

Amythesia Versona


Usagi YangXing


Clock Tower Prisoners

Name: Tristan Dracul Satan the First
Age: 10,571
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Class: Demon King
Job: Wiener Stand Manager
History: tba

Name: Death the Eater
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Race: Outer Entity
Class: World Destroyer
Job: Wiener Stand Employee
History: tba

Name: Lucia the Queen of Ash
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Corrupted Human
Class: Avenger
Job: Wiener Stand Trainee
A former hero who was betrayed by those she fought for, she possessed the ability to take in the grudges of those like her to take vengeance upon the world. She was saved by a mysterious hero named Saturn, and for a time came to live peacefully in Valhalla, but eventually due to circumstances involving Saturn and other various heroes she fell into depravity and became the Queen of Ash. As a result she ended up nearly destroying several worlds and was imprisoned here.

Despite her crimes several of the heroes from Valhalla are currently searching for her.

Name: Lucy V. Emeralia
Age: A lady never tells, but looks young.
Sex: Female
Race: Totally a demon... (Celestial Angel)
Class: Demon Queen (Throne)
Job: Prisoner (Spy)

Is a spy sent by the other celestial angels to keep an eye of Seriphina and try to find things that could lead to her downfall. Not much in known beyond that except that she is actually pretty bad at her job, and most people don't believe her act.

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