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> Beginning of an Original Book, Elements
Areikoto Tokoshime
Posted: 2015-06-14, 02:57 PM

There is Beauty in the World, so much Beauty in the World


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I sit in the center of this big room, clutching to a bleeding wound in my shoulder and ignore the sounds of fighting going on around me. I stare at one spot ahead of me, the one where my sister, my twin sister, was standing just moments ago as she threw one of her knives at me. I don’t know what they did to her to make her attack me, I can’t even begin to think about what she has gone through to force her to do that. It all seemed so simple, just run away and not get caught, don’t get forced into this stupid war that has been raging on for most of our lives. That was what we thought when we set out, being reassured by our parents that it was the best idea for both of us. Where has it gotten us now, surrounded by blood and fighting. Are we doing the right thing? Trying to fight against the government and their Keepers, the people who take those of us who control the elements.

“Anila! You need to move! Come on!” I hear a familiar voice call from behind me and a hand grabs my uninjured arm, pulling me with them towards the exit of the room. I stumble after them, the entire group, and notice idly that Nerina is running a good distance ahead of me, her head mainly focused down at an angle. I wonder, if we had stayed, would things be better?


I push myself to run faster, run further. Nerina was separated from me not long ago when the Keepers first found us. We hadn’t traveled far enough out of the territory to not be recognized as the missing elements. I glance behind me and see three Keepers running after me, quickly catching up to me. I stumble over some rubble in street and fall hard on my hands, wincing as rocks dig into my palms. I pant heavily, trying to push myself up and away from them. I hear their steps halt behind me and freeze, I already overexerted myself. I can’t fight them and get away.

“What’cha doin’?” I quickly glance up, wondering if one of the Keepers is speaking to me. I notice a man standing just off to the side a bit, as he watches the Keepers. He steps between them and me as I push myself further away from the strange sight before me.

“Step away civilian. This woman is wanted for avoiding the draft.” One of the keepers speaks up, pointing to me as if I were a criminal.

“Three against one, that doesn’t seem very fair. You know what? I’m on her team!” I can hear a slight happy tone in the man’s voice and it confuses me. He knows who these people are, what they are capable of.

I don't have much else typed up like this right now. I have some more on paper, just not typed.

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