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Hitsugaya Toushirou
Posted: 2008-12-18, 08:50 PM

Sotaichou of the 13 Court Squadron


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You will be death for your followers, and they will be the same for you in return.
Bleach: The Psalm of Eternal Memories
The voice of the people will sing this song of war into infinity. Our story . . .


The 4 Year War: A war that lasted only a short while, this war involved the newly established Gotei 13 (under Toushirou Hitsugaya acting as one of many leading Commanders) versus a group of rebellion forces in the Rukongai Districts.

These Forces were remnants of a previous faction (not mentioned here) that worked as the Rukongai's Black Market/Underground, Organized Crime ring. The Gotei 13 attempted to bargain with these factions to surrender their rule over the districts, but to much dismay, they retaliated with force. This in turn caused Toushirou to declare a state of emergency in the Rukongai and began a small arms counter-attack against these rebelling factions.

Biographies/NPC Characters

Hitsugaya Toushirou: Toushirou is not much older, (he appears to be in his early twenties) but remains tired and worn from his work as Commander General. After leading his troops to victory in the 4 Year War, Toushirou eventually became overwhelmed with his daily life and his work. Regardless, he still remains firm in enacting his policies and while he looks like he could use a good night's rest, he remains active in the Soul Society's government.

He is in deep opposition to the newly elected, 62nd Rukongai District Official and has previously butted heads with him. In the past, Toushirou has been able to stifle his pleas for "Toushirou's Resignation," but that may change in the near future. . .

Tetsunousuke Toushirou The exact opposite personality of his father, Tetsu wields a firey attitude and continues to work as a wet-behind-the-ears graduate from the Shinigami academy. He appears to be twelve and has no stable Zanpakutou form yet. He is seen with their pet pig who constantly accompanies him wherever he goes.

More to Come . . .

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