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> Zolf Breeds, He will be at your funeral.
Zolf J. Kimblee
Posted: 2007-08-24, 12:11 AM

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Name- Zolf Breeds

Age- 24

Race- Cyborg

Weapons:Explotrons(Made up name)(Weapons on his palms, that allows him to blow things up, with enough enegy,it uses alot of energy) and a Pistol

Appearance-Zolf's hair is long and unkempt usually put in a pony tail. His eyes are light blue on both of his eyes.He has tanned skin through all out his body. He wears diamond ear rings and is 6,3 feet tall. His attire is usually black sleeveless T-shirt, on it he wears a red jacket, that is mostly unzipped.

Under his waist he wears black pants. He wears black leather shoes on his feet, while on his palms he has round silver gadget with a large red light in the middle of it.

Personality-Zolf is very divisive, being very tricky to his opponents. He is somewhat a mystery, of his true nature. He likes to take things on his own hands, not working quit well with others, tho he sometimes have allies do his bidding, treating them like trash. he relies mostly on evil tricks and traps while gathering information on his potential enemies that would stand before him. Being treacherous sometimes, but not on his own cyborg kind. He thinks of humans as nothing more than trash.

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