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Forum Rules (Rev. 154)

These are rules we have created to keep everything running right. We hope you spend time reading them all or you can get into big trouble!

The rules have been separated into separate sections below.

Note: Some rules have a (*) by them. That means they are guidelines. If it makes sense, you can "break" the rule.

Definitions [Section 0]

[1] Spam is defined as material having no or little relation to the original subject and/or material lacking any useful point or can only be considered worthless because the question asked in the "spam" post has already been answered previously or can be implied.

[2] A Global Moderator is a moderator that has full global moderation powers.

[3] Authority is defined as a Global Moderator or Administrator.

Accounts [Section 2]

[1] Do not use any vulgar (cussing), offensive, inappropriate, harmful, purposeful misleading, religious, sexual, illegal stuff, or spam related usernames.

[2] You may only register one name per person (not per family, household, etc.).

[3] All name changes must be publicly announced despite against the wishes of the individual requesting the name change.

[4] You may only be in possession of one account simultaneously.

[5] You may not register with an invalid email or set an invalid email.

[6] Up to only one name change request is allowed within a two week period. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting the name change to avoid violations of this rule. An exception to this rule is a name change back to the original name registered. There may be other exceptions with an administrator's discretion. An exception will only be valid only if it is clearly discussed with an administrator and accepted by the administrator.

General [Section 3]

[1] Do not post two or more posts sequentially after another in the same topic (*). Here is an example:

Poster_1: Look at my post!
Poster_2: Hi!
Poster_3: Look!
Poster_3: I double posted! Two same posts in the same topic! This is against the rules.

[2] If you wish to add something to your post, you can achieve this by using the "Edit" button (which you will find on every post that you have made), rather than double posting. Also, please note that double posting is not posting twice in one topic in general, but instead, posting two posts in a row, with no posts made by other users between your two posts. If you are confused by this concept, feel free to ask a moderator about it. Bumping a topic is not allowed.

[4] Do not post vulgar (cussing) [see 3.11, 3.12], offensive, inappropriate, harmful, purposeful misleading, illegal, religious, sexual (see 3.11, 3.12), political, comments supporting the violation of forum rules, comments glorifying punishment(s) and/or rule violation(s), or spam (see section 4) content anywhere except in forums that specify that some normally disallowed content is allowed.

Note: About discussion about religion - you may share your personal religion preference (in a post), but you may not show signs of worship anywhere else (including, but not limited to, signatures and avatars). You absolutely may not recruit converts for your religion or try to entice people to change their religious preference.

Note: About discussion about politics - specific topics can be created to discuss political matters but inserting lines of political matter into a post under a non political topic is prohibited. Outright incorrect political slander is also prohibited everywhere.

Note: Substituting derrogative language with other wording to imply discrimination (such as gay, homosexual, and black) is strictly in violation of the rules and ethics of our community. They are considered offensive usage, as per rule above in 3.4, paragraph 1, and we will prosecute violations to the fullest extent at our discretion.

[5] You may not threaten or imply a threatening message (unless in a clearly jokingly manner) or wish or suggest the death or injury of another or yourself.

[6] You may not uppercase your posts (implies shouting) in full. (*)

[7] If a forum has explicit rules that conflict with those mentioned above, the rules within the forum will take precedence. If any other rules have been explicitly defined in a forum, they will take effect and apply the consequences mentioned within this document at the management's discretion.

[8] You may not antagonize guests for being a guest.

[9] Do not post images featuring an object/objects and/or a person/people with words such as "PWNED", "N00B", or similar messages (such as messages stating that the the topic "doesn't make sense") for the purpose of substituting intelligible text.

[10] You may not delete a post of yours within a topic if there have been posts made after your post and if your post was deleted, it would ruin the flow of ideas within the topic. If you wish to retract a post or statement, please edit your post stating so.

[13] Do not post content that stretches the layout of the page at the resolution of 800x600 or larger unless contained inside a mechanism that hides the content until activated by the end-user to show the content. (*)

[14] A banned or suspended member may employ the help of another member to contact an administrator or moderator through the private messaging system. The banned or suspended member may not use another member to post a public message or to private message non-administrators or non-moderators. Receipients of prohibited messaging from banned members are liable for warn, suspension, and ban unless a report is made to an administrator or other official. All parties will be punished for violations.

Advertising, Spamming, and Flooding [Section 4]

[1] Absolutely no advertising (unless allowed in a special advertisement forum) or flooding is allowed. This includes posting the same message in different forums at the same time (no cross posting allowed). If you want to advertise something, put a small link/banner in your signature and/or post in the specified advertisement forum.

[2] Do not continually link to a certain website in all or some of your posts unless it pertains to the current topic.

[3] You may also not purposely disrupt the general flow of a topic (i.e. saying the topic is boring in a role playing topic at a random time without prior participation).

[4] The act of spamming or going off-topic is prohibited. This does not include accidental going off topic.

Avatars, Audio Avatars, and Signatures [Section 5]

[1] If you are using a signature, the maximum height for the immediate display of the signature is 200 pixels and the maximum width for the immediate display of the signature is 600 pixels. If your signature wraps, it must fit under the aforementioned maximum height under the resolution of 800x600. Your signature may not stretch the layout of the page at the resolution of 800x600 or larger unless contained inside a mechanism that hides the content until activated by the end-user to show the content. The contents of your signature may not be larger than 100 kilobytes, which includes both images and text except for fanclub images issued officially by the fanclub. Additionally, the signature may not cause load of plugins (such as Flash).

[2] Do not "steal" stuff for your avatar and/or signature. Create your own work or ask someone to make one for you (in the Requests forum).

[3] Your avatar may not be larger than 20 kilobytes.

[4] Audio avatars may only be of filetype MPEG Layer-3 (mp3), Ogg (ogg), Standard MIDI File (mid, midi) or Windows Media Audio (wma).

Uploading Files [Section 6]

[1] When uploading files, only upload files that are related to the original topic. Do not post vulgar (cussing), offensive, inappropriate, harmful, purposeful misleading, illegal, religious, sexual, or spam work. Do not post if it does not add to the topic. Also, do not test the functionality.

[2] We will also not tolerate you using the uploading facilities to upload content primarily used for your signature. You may not "hotlink" such content from other sites neither.

Offenses and Warning Level System [Section 7]

[1] If you find someone violating a forum rule, please private message a moderator or administrator. We do not allow backseat moderating (telling the rule violating individual yourself that he or she has violated a rule). We will rectify the problem as soon as possible if you private message one of us moderators or administrators.

[2] We use a 10 level warning system. Depending on your offense, we will increase your warning level. 10 is the highest you can get before getting permanently banned.

[3] Your warning level can get lowered; either over time or whether you do "good deeds" and follow the rules.

[4] Administrators and/or moderators will increase/decrease your warning level as necessary.

Rights and Privacy of Other Persons [Section 8]

[1] We respect the privacy of people, and we expect you to too. You may never release any personal information of any individual, whether a registered member or not, unless he or she has given you specific permission to release such personal information (names, etc.) that is not already available publicly on the forums.

[2] You are prohibited from publishing, posting, or implying a binding agreement, including, but not limited to, relationships, with or between individual(s) unless the individual(s) have given prior consent.

[3] You may not exclude a member or a group of members from any activity, event, or opportunity unless you have been given permission to and such permission has been either granted by a set of rules publicly posted by an Authority or permission has been granted personally to you and such permission has been posted publicly by an Authority.

Private Conversations via Private Messaging Features [Section 9]

[2] If in any way you believe that you have received a message or messages that cause you to feel uncomfortable, ask the other user to stop whatever they were/are doing to make you uncomfortable. If the other person is unable to reason, you are immediately requested to message a forum administrator if you are unable to work it out with the sender. We will take necessary action and apply any rules that we need to do at our discretion. Do not delete any private messages before we tell you it has been settled when reporting a problem.

[3] Sending private messages to multiple individuals (especially if you do not know them) to advertise something including solicitation is prohibited.

[4] The contents of a private message may not be posted publicly or sent to someone or somewhere if it contains incriminating evidence, contains personal information, or has been requested to be kept private by the other party or parties. If the private message contains content that violates the rules in this document, one party or more may request an Administrator to inspect the messages exchanged.

[5] An Administrator reserves the right to request the messages exchanged between two members for the purpose of enforcing the rules. The Administrator is prohibited from posting the messages publicly or sending the messages to any other individual that is not an Administrator unless the parties affected have granted permission.

Other Notes [Section 1]

[1] If ever in doubt, ask a Moderator. A Moderator has the final say.

[2] If rules are broken, we may perform punishment, including, but not limited to, suspension or ban from the use of our services, at our discretion. If you are banned from the forums, you are not permitted to return. If you are suspended from the forums or a service or services, you may not use the forums or the service or services. If we receive repeated trouble from a certain member, we will not hesitate to contact their ISP or any other applicable law enforcement.

[3] We reserve the right to modify these rules as necessary, with or without notification to members and/or guests, and which the new changes will take effect on past, present, and future events on the forums.

[4] Our Terms of Service also applies to the forums.

[5] If any discrepancies may occur between documents posted on the site or forums regarding a rule and this official rules document, this document will take precedence.

[6] If you have a problem with a moderator or administrator, private contact an Administrator of a higher level than the offending moderator or administrator to resolve the issue. Do not publicly announce the issue or start a petition.

REV 153