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Ultio Ultionis Universum Roleplay World
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Read Only Forum The Sacred Desert — This desert region is an area for many religious cults to perform their rituals. It was said that the Ancient Magis had created the magical weapons now scattered through out the land in a volcano somewhere in the area. However this volcano was never found even before the "Technological Cleansing. ----
by ----
0 0
Read Only Forum Losifon — This town is located near the Hundred Years Forest and this was where the "Technological Cleansing" began and because of this the town had been destroyed. Many buildings burned and destroyed. Only a few people of Losifon survived. [last] What Hana-Kimi character sh...
by dkwolves
2006-06-18, 02:21 AM
16 196
Read Only Forum The Hundred Years Forest — This forest was so great in size that before the "Technological Cleansing" it had only discovered and mapped a small portion of the forest. Rumors had been told that a legendary hero had once trekked the entire forest to save the world and there his body lies. Many had tried trekking the forest but many had failed. [last] EQ for Anime!
by gcnkirby
2006-08-28, 06:38 AM
85 484
Read Only Forum Tridescent — The main town of Ultio Ultionis. This floating city is positioned above a gaping pit which was made during the "Technological Cleansing". This city is also the only one which still has technology, which is the only thing which keeps it levitated. Check the Announcement Boards to see what has happened in Ultio Ultionis. [last] Who'd you want to go ou...
by LubHitsuKun
2006-08-11, 06:14 PM
39 204
Read Only Forum Iracuat — This peaceful town is located near the edge of the continent which over looks the Endless Sea. This town was not affected much by the "Technological Cleansing" since it was not quite advanced. [last] Getting prepared for "The H...
by Jo'ogn
2006-01-01, 02:14 AM
3 70
Read Only Forum Pertinense — This area was once a large prosperous town and was where many upper class people had lived. However, now it is a ghetto of filth and diseases. The town has much crime and is located near the Sacred Desert. [last] Scavenger's Beginnings
by Spyder Pyresphere
2005-07-16, 02:24 PM
1 3
Read Only Forum Character Bios — Your character profiles for Roleplay World Ultios Ultionis Universum. [last] Desert Monroe
by Jaria
2006-03-18, 05:58 PM
25 44
Read Only Forum Omnisence — A large town which is located near the mountains. This town was quite damaged during the "Technological Cleansing" for there was much technology in this region since it was heavily guarded. Now, the area is calm and eerily quiet. The Omnisence Training School is located here. [last] Before the Battlefield
by Sagara Sanosuke
2006-01-19, 08:49 PM
2 2
Read Only Forum Wilderness — The area in which one travels to each town. There are no rules bound to this area and many had taken advantage of travellers in these parts, it is also known to some as an area to fight against one another. [last] Introduce your self ^_^
by *Shu-chan*
2006-08-06, 12:22 PM
59 544

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