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APPLIES TO FORUMS MARKED WITH [G]: The KAF Roleplayers Guild is a group of roleplayers at KAF who are not new to roleplay. They respect English grammar and spelling, can write full length meaningful roleplay posts, and know how roleplay should go. This group of people has special access to a group of roleplay forums available to just them. This group is open to all seasoned roleplayers. To join the group, visit the The KAF Roleplayers Guild usergroup. You will need to be approved before you can join.

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Read Only Forum Anime RP[G] — Roleplays based on an anime or are anime related. Try to keep them anime related. Note: This forum is for members of The KAF Roleplayers Guild. [last] Fullmetal Alchemist: The Al...
by Psychotic Angel
2006-05-13, 05:38 PM
20 1,125
Read Only Forum Non-Anime RP[G] — This is all the non-anime and general based roleplaying! Non-anime roleplaying is quite unlimited, but it cannot be adult oriented! Note: This forum is for members of The KAF Roleplayers Guild. [last] Hybrids: A New World
by Aurora Tate
2008-02-24, 11:14 AM
31 792
Read Only Forum Ultio Ultionis Universum — The year is 2059, technology had been greatly improved upon. However, many people, for some strange reason, began destroying the technological components causing what was known to be the "Technological Cleansing". This caused the glorious world of technology into, what some people say, the Dark Ages. [last] EQ for Anime!
by gcnkirby
2006-08-28, 06:38 AM
240 1,650

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2008/03/17, 03:28 AM
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2005/06/08, 12:45 PM
[closed] ^^ sk89q Pinned: Guild Member Removal Request Process 0 1,218 [last] sk89q
2005/05/29, 06:55 PM
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2007/01/12, 07:51 AM
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2006/09/15, 04:49 PM
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2006/06/13, 08:40 PM
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2006/06/13, 02:50 PM
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2006/06/13, 01:15 PM
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2006/01/25, 10:08 PM
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2005/07/03, 08:57 PM
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2005/06/21, 10:14 AM
--   TheRatherOddOne Which to choose 6 218 [last] Konryou
2005/06/20, 07:14 AM
[closed]   BW879 So when can we make characters for the... Jump to Page 12 29 492 [last] Raisurinu
2005/06/19, 07:32 AM
--   Kon Random Talk 5 397 [last] Cless_Alvein
2005/06/16, 07:28 AM
[=>]   karu Moved: Your favorite manga! -- -- [last] Raisurinu
2005/06/05, 11:20 AM
-- Jo'ogn RP Styles? Jump to Page 12 21 651 [last] kurisu-kun
2005/06/01, 07:02 AM
[closed]   sk89q More Details Available at a Later Date Jump to Page 12 39 666 [last] The Chosen One
2005/05/28, 04:25 PM
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