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Year 3099 Roleplay World
If you have not already read, read Everything You Need to Know to Roleplay at KAF. Additionally, ALL roleplays are governed by the Roleplay Rules. Those two documents are REQUIRED reading and you may get BANNED from ALL roleplays if you do not read them and follow the rules defined.

This forum is specific to a world environment. Please read the topic 'About Year 3099' before posting.

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Read Only Forum Naskeh Metropolis, Mars — Naskeh is a booming town located on Mars. The city's technological advances include hovering vehicles, ray discharge weapons, suppression fields in some buildings, and a usuable but unrealiable and risky warp network. [last] Inside the small pub
by Frostburn
2007-02-04, 01:37 PM
2 19
Read Only Forum Merisk City, Earth — Merisk is the largest city on the planet Earth. Due to the fact of it's long existance though, many parts of the city are run down. The entertainment and government districts of town are technologically advanced but other parts of town seem to be out of the loop. [last] Underground Lab
by the_illuminated_ones
2006-03-11, 02:01 PM
4 93
Read Only Forum Niasbel Forest, Earth — Niasbel Forest is a large forest on Earth somewhat near Marisk. Explorations into the area have been before a waste of human life. Many strange life have been known to have been developed and migrated to the forest after accidents occuring in experiments in the nearby city and surrounding smaller towns. [last] Abandoned Forest Jail
by IceQueen
2008-03-01, 07:40 PM
1 8
Read Only Forum Peripherask Fighting Arena, Mars — Peripherask is a large fighting arena that serves all beings who wish to enjoy some fighting. [last] Making a Living (In the Fut...
by CypressDahlia
2006-03-19, 01:07 PM
1 0
Read Only Forum Trenon Underground Facility, Mars — Trenon is the result of Mr. Trenon's works on building a stable self sustaining community underground. The size of the facility is enormous - taking up 1/4 of Mars. Unfortunately, Trenon seems to have a very tight grip on everything that goes on his facility and some have wished to rebel. [last] Uprising
by Eight-chan
2006-02-23, 05:09 PM
1 3
Read Only Forum Space — Just... space. Ship fighting and battle to the extreme. This area can only be visited in a spaceship of course. Battles, space stations, etc. can be simulated. [last] Initials I.T. Remix
by ebacusta
2008-02-13, 05:02 PM
7 1,064
Read Only Forum Year 3099 Character Bios — Put all your character(s) in this forum that will be used only in Year 3099. [last] Pinecone ;D
by PineconeFTW
2008-03-24, 09:03 AM
41 17

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